Verbatim takes environmental issues seriously and in doing so strive to supply products that are friendly to the environment. All Verbatim Batteries are Mercury and Cadmium free, and all other metals used in the batteries meet the criteria laid out in the European legislation for batteries.

All our batteries are ROHS (reduced of hazardous substances) compliant, and on our packaging you'll find the Wheelie Bin  logo showing that we omply to the collection and re-cycling programs set out by the regional communities in Europe.

Batteries should be collected or disposed of seperately from household waste either for recycling or special disposal. Some communities offer re-cycling or collection of alkaline batteries. For these details please contact the relevant local authorities.

It is important not to dispose of large quantities of alkaline batteries in a group. This is because used batteries still contain some power and when they are in contact with other batteries they can create safety risks.