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With less than 10 years since the debut of the DVD format, the ‘Next Generation’ of optical media is already on the production line.  This is thanks to the demand of the new revolution in home entertainment – High Definition (HD).

High Definition Television provides incredible picture quality and unbelievable surround sound.  With the superb resolution, dynamic contrast, vivid colours and remarkably clear sound effects, high definition brings an additional dimension to your visual entertainment.

Since the 1950s, Hollywood has been using 70mm film to achieve widescreen shots, sharp pictures and most importantly, high quality sound. This has meant that for over 50 years, Hollywood has produced impressive pictures for cinema viewing, yet lesser quality reproductions for the home.  This was due to our television systems having lower resolution than films.

Nowadays this greater realism can be achieved because the technology we are dealing with for the film world and video world is much the same.  Already certain TV broadcasts around the world are being recorded and played back in high definition.  Traditional televisions are not capable of showing the benefits of high definition broadcasts, but that is set to change as there is a new generation of television on the market called, High Definition Television (HDTV).

Why the demand for the ‘Next Generation’ of optical media?
With the expected growth of HDTV, the ability to record HD programming from television is quickly rising.  Today, recording 2 hours of standard definition in high quality requires a full 4.7GB DVD disc.  High Definition content – with its increased resolution and digital sound tracks requires an ever greater amount of storage capacity.

Currently, Hollywood is re-mastering a wide selection of films in HD for release.  With this in mind, the ‘Next Generation’ of optical media is needed to achieve the impressive ‘playback’.